Rev. Dr. Ben Wate -  Head of School of Humanities

Rev. Dr. Ben Wate is the Head of the School of Humanities and Senior Lecturer in History and Religious Studies in the Faculty of Education and Humanities. He teaches history units that cover, Pacific and Migration History, and Church History. He also teaches units in religious studies that include Church and Society, and Major World Religions.

He was a former Senior Lecturer at Bishop Patteson Theological College (BPTC), a South Pacific Association of Theological Schools (SPATS) accredited theological institute that offers undergraduate theology degrees in Solomon Islands (owned by the Anglican Church of Melanesia- ACOM). He had taught interdisciplinary courses in Theology & Ethics, including Anthropology of Religion, and Theories in Social Anthropology.

Rev. Dr Ben Wate holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand in 2020. He obtained a Master of Science degree (MSc) from the London School of Economics Political Science in 2009 United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Divinity from the Pacific Theological College in Suva Fiji in 2004. He published book chapters in Anthropology and History books. His PhD thesis is online and can be accessed through the University of Otago online archives. He had attended and presented papers at International Conferences in the field of history, anthropology, gender and women’s studies.

Dr Ben Wate’s doctoral research focuses on the synergies of the dynamics of indigenous cultural and conservative theological beliefs and the paradox of local Christain women’s empowerment, development and leadership. He examines the historical missionary and colonial impact on Christianity in Oceania with specific reference to the Solomon Islands. The study further explores the negotiating agencies through which local women negotiate empowerment, development and leadership in a subordinating and oppressive socio-economic and religious setting using cultural and Christian forms of agencies.