Unit Title: Mechanics, heat and waves

Prerequisite: A pass in Form 6 /Year 12 examination or equivalent

Semester 1: Offered on Face-Face mode             Semester 2: Not offered

This unit builds on the physics concepts learned in PHY301 and PHY302 or Year 12 Physics learned at secondary schools throughout the country. PHY401 Mechanics Heat and Waves is the first unit in Year 13 Physics and offered in semester 1. This unit is the prerequisite for PHY402 which is offered in semester 2. Students successfully completing both units would enable him or her to enroll in PHY501 a degree unit in the Bachelor course. The unit also provides a good foundation to do a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physics. Topics includes Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement, Scalar and Vector, Motion in 1-D, Motion in 2-D, Dynamics, Laws of Motions, Force and equilibrium, Rotational equilibrium, Energy, Motion in a circle, Gravitational fields and laws, Temperature and the kinetic theory of gases and First law of thermodynamic.