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The Nautical Studies Department prepares and train men and women to become very well educated, trained and disciplined seafarers for successful careers in passenger transportation, merchant and cargo transportation, international trade, safety and rescue and other maritime sub-sectors.

·        In fact the Maritime Academy consists of the Nautical Studies Department and the Marine Engineering Department. The Nautical Studies Department is located at SINU Ranadi campus while the Marine Engineering Department is currently at SINU Kukum campus. The Maritime Academy offers training in maritime basic and advance safety, specific maritime / nautical studies, and marine engineering. All of these aforesaid courses comply fully with the Seafarers Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code as amended.

·      All trainees or students who are attempting Certificates of Competency (CoC) are responsible for contacting the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) to ensure that they qualify for the external oral examinations before applying to the School for the courses. Applications are done by filling the SINU Application Forms and are sent to the Student Academic Services (SAS) Office. Placement in any course or program is confirmed only when registration is done and fees are paid. Please note that our courses are run only when the required number of students is enrolled.

Another major component of training in nautical studies and marine engineering is sea time or onboard ship training. All students undertaking studies in nautical and marine engineering courses are required to complete at least 12 months of sea time training terms before progression on to the next level of their training. However note that newly recruited young deck and engine ratings as well as cadets or trainee officers fully or partly sponsored by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), other shipping companies or organizations (if there are any and the number is viable to run the course) will have to follow a slightly different pathway and phases of their study programs which will be fully explained to them upon enrolment. A minimum age of 16 with a Form 5 school certificate is encouraged to be eligible in these new programs and you must also complete a medical checkup at recommended and approved medical doctors and clinics.

Programs Offered

Programs offered by the Department of Nautical Studies are as follows:

Nautical Studies Programs

  1. Basic safety Training - 4 weeks

  2. Advanced Safety Training - 3 weeks

  3. Basic Maritime Studies - 15 weeks

  4. Class 6 Master/Engineers - 6 weeks

  5. Class 5 Master - 18 weeks

  6. Class 4 Master - 18 weeks

  7. Revalidation & Refresher courses - 1 to 2 weeks

  8. Other onsite or tailored courses for the industry when needed - duration varies


Our Training
We provide maritime education and training (MET) to ensure supply manpower for the shipping industry

Sea Survival Training


Fire Fighting Training


Life Boat Training

Our Vision, Mission and Values

The SINU Maritime Academy with its two main departments known as the Nautical Studies and Marine Engineering has been established and continued to exist for a good purpose. That is to meet the demands of both domestic and international shipping so that all ships regardless of size and type continue to navigate the waters of Solomon Islands and other oceans safely and securely to import and export commodities, transport passengers to and from Solomon Islands outer islands etc. hence contributing to the stability and sustainability of the nation’s economy. Therefore, the way forward is to continue improving and upgrading the Maritime Academy to new technical and academic heights while maintaining compliance to the STCW Convention and SINU policies. This will create more opportunities and increase the number of young Solomon Islanders to become future seafarers who always steer with knowledge and propel with skills not just for themselves but for their beloved country as well.

Dr. Teorae Kabure

Head of Department 

Nautical Studies Department

D.Sc. (Maritime Studies), USA Atlantic International University
MBA degree majoring in Maritime Logistics & Management from the University of Tasmania
Post Graduate Certificate / Diploma in Higher Education Teaching & Learning from Divine Word University PNG 
Class 1 Master Certificate of Competency (CoC) Unlimited Tonnage from the New Zealand Maritime School
Train the trainer (ToT) for Simulator trainers & ECDIS Instructor from IMO / SPC

To become a ship's Captain you have to follow this pathway