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Department of Biology



    Acquiring knowledge and skills

    1. Master the main concepts of major subdivisions within biology.

    2. Experience a comprehensive range of scientific techniques.

    3. Learn how to generate and quantitatively analyze data.

    4. Critically evaluate primary literature, in oral and written form.

    5. Develop oral and written communication skills.

      Developing skills to conduct biological research

    6. Generate testable hypotheses.

    7. Design valid experiments to test hypotheses.

    8. Conduct experiments using skills appropriate to subdivisions.

    9. Analyze data using discipline appropriate assessments.

    10. Interpret data, draw conclusions, and refine hypotheses based on data.

    11. Communicate research findings in a variety of formats.

    12. Adhere to ethical standards for biology research.

      Understanding the place of science in a broader context

    13. Apply a broad-based foundation of knowledge to real world problems.

    14. Gain awareness of career options in the biological sciences.

    15. Prepare for graduate and professional school, and a career in Biology field.