The SINU Council and Senate Secretariat office provides the administrative support to the Office of the Vice-Chancellors office for the Council and the Senate. The unit has two staff and located within Vice-Chancellors office. The CSS plays a key role in ensuring that the Council and Senate are supported to function effectively in meeting the legal requirements and governance obligations of their committees. The CSS office supports and assists the Council, Senate and the Vice-Chancellors office to achieve their objectives and the wide objectives of the university.


The SINU Council is the top governance body of the University. The Council is supported by four sub-committees. They are the Finance and Investment Committee (FIC), Human Resource Committee (HRC), Planning and Development Committee (PDC) and Student Support and Development Committee (SSDC). These Committees are chaired by a Councillor and members comprise representatives from other key stakeholders and officials of the university.

The Council appoints the following positions of the University

  • Visitor of the university under Section 8 of SINU Act – The current Governor General of Solomon Islands His Excellency Sir Frank O. Kabui is the Visitor of SINU

  • Chancellor of the university under Section 26 of SINU Act – The current Chief Justice of Solomon Islands Sir Albert Rocky Palmer is the Chancellor of SINU.

  • Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council

  • The two Pro-Vice Chancellors


The term for the appointed members of the last Council expired on 15th February 2019. The following are new appointments by the Minister of Education to the University Council.

Official members

  • Mr. Mackinnie Dentana - Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Finance and Treasury
  • Dr. Franco Rodie - Permanent Secretary/Ministry of Education
  • Vacant - Vice-Chancellor
  • Dr. Jack Maebuta - Pro-Vice-Chancellor [Academic]
  • Dr. Shadrach Fanega- PVCC

Appointed Member

  1. Culwick Togamana - Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council(re-appointed for 2nd term)
  2. Daniel Rove -  Natural Resource Rep (new appointment)
  3. Dr. Aaron Oritaimae - Health and Medicine Rep (re-appointed for 2nd term)
  4. Professor Premnarine Misir - Education Rep (new appointment)
  5. Atenasi Ata - Business and Tourism (new appointment)
  6. Tony Koraua - Industry and Technology (re-appointed for 3rd term)

Co-opted Members (their term will expire in May 2019)

  1. Shadrach Fanega
  2. Ruth Liloqula
  3. Dr. Philip Tagini

Elected Members

  1. Deans Reps x2 - Solomon Pita & Ms. Verzilyn Isom
  2. Student Rep to Council -Hardyson Maenu’u
  3. Non-Professorial  - Mr. Sampson Tahuniara
  4. General staff Rep - Amos Forau