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Certificate in Education (ALTP)

The Certificate in Education Adult Learners is an in-service competency-based programme.  It is designed for people who teach adult learners, for example those teaching in Rural Training Centres, SINU, the Police Academy and the Correctional Services. To be admitted into this programme, candidates must have a qualification and experience in one subject area. There are six core modules taught in blocks. The modules are:

1.       EDU301 - The process of teaching and learning

2.       EDU302 - The practice of teaching and learning

3.       EDU303 - The principles of teaching and learning

4.       EDU304 - Learning resources and their uses

5.       EDU305 - Assessment

6.       EDU306 - Course design and evaluation

Each module has a unit of competence attached. This qualification is yet to be reviewed and to be converted to the current credit point system.