Centre for National Productivity


Since the establishment of SINU in 2013, it has focused almost exclusively on award courses for full time students. The needs for human resource development in the country now expands beyond producing people with formal qualifications at the Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate levels. A major perceived demand is for training for people already in the workforce. By law, SINU is tasked with the responsibility, inter alia, of “improving the skills and knowledge of the existing work force through education and training” (s6a(11), SINU Act), hence, the establishment of the Centre for Productivity, Professional Development and Life-Long Learning (CPPDLL) trading name “Centre for National Productivity” (CNP).

CNP is established as a dynamic Workforce Training Programs (WTP) section. Our aim is to provide the best Professional and Community development short course trainings that will give a competitive edge needed at the workplace. Therefore, the Centre exists to educate work-forces through Industry demand-driven training Programmes that will contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development of Solomon Islands.


Centre of Excellence


Striving for quality in providing up-skill Training and Education


      We value our customers, the driver to our success

      We inspire, motivate and empower our people towards achieving a common goal

      We are honest, committed, and trustworthy in our dealing with our customers and each other.

      We are committed to excellence

      We progress together.

      We respect, value and support the communities in which we operate. 

    What CNP Can Offer

    CNP offer and can also tailor a wide range of workforce development and vocational professional development and up-skilling short course training and consultancy services that can meet individual and organizations' unique needs.
    Reporting Structure

    Mr. Rex Mewa

    Centre Manager (Acting)

    PG. Dip. in Public Mgmt, VUW-NZ; BA in Mgmt & PA, USP-Fiji; Diploma in Business Finance, SICHE-SI

    Rex Mewa holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management from Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) - NZ, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Management & Public Administration from University of the South Pacific (USP) - Fiji, and a Diploma in Business Finance from SICHE - SI. Mr. Mewa has years of experience serving in the Public sector, Private sector, and Donor funded project. He joined SINU in June 2020 as Head of Training (Executive Business Management) and is currently the Acting Manager for the Centre for National Productivity (CNP).